Each skin in CS2 is available in one of five wear levels, which determine its appearance and rarity:

  • Factory New: The skin is in perfect condition with no signs of wear.

  • Minimal Wear: Shows only minimal wear, hardly noticeable.

  • Field-Tested: Visible signs of wear but still in good condition.

  • Well-Worn: Significant wear, indicating that the weapon has been used actively.

  • Battle-Scarred: Maximum wear, with the skin looking very worn and tattered.

Skin Variants:

Players can collect or trade three types of skins:

  • Regular: Standard skins with no special features.

  • Souvenir: Skins usually released during special gaming events or tournaments.

  • StatTrak: Skins that track your kill count and display it on the weapon.

Uniqueness and Addition of Skins:

Each skin is unique and can only be added to the game by one player. If a skin is transferred from one player to another, the new owner cannot add it to their collection again. This rule maintains the skin's uniqueness and prevents it from being used multiple times.

Skin Identification:

The uniqueness of a skin is determined by its "float value" - a numerical value indicating the degree of wear and the distinctness of its appearance. If two skins have the same "float value," only one can be used in the game.

Skin Verification:

To verify whether a specific skin has already been added to the game by another player, use the Inspect Link feature on the Skin Hunters Checker page.

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