Game Keys

What Are Game Keys?

Game Keys are unique digital items on the Polygon network that follow the ERC1155 token standard. This multifunctional standard allows keys to have both collectible value and trading flexibility, enabling their transfer, sale, and potential "burning."

How Are Keys Classified?

Game keys are categorized based on two main criteria:

  • Rarity: Reflects the rarity of the skin models that the key can unlock, ranging from Consumer Grade to Covert categories.

  • Type: Defined as Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each offering different levels of skin model unlocking possibilities.

Functionality of Keys:

  • Bronze Key: Allows you to open one random skin model of the corresponding rarity from any collection with unopened skin models.

  • Silver Key: Ensures the opening of one random skin model of the chosen rarity from a specific collection, provided there are at least two unopened models in it.

  • Gold Key: Enables you to select a specific collection and skin model to open.

Important for Security:

For the security and authenticity of your transactions with Game Keys, always make sure you're dealing with the game's official smart contract. The Game Keys smart contract is available for verification and interaction on PolygonScan at the following link:

Official Game Keys smart contract: 0xaCCAB53FFBb3E4bE21537D274526FF4f980C28d0 on PolygonScan.

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