HNT Token

What is Hunters Token (HNT)?

Hunters Token (HNT) is a digital asset built on the Polygon blockchain technology, adhering to the ERC20 token standard. This standard is widely accepted and used across the Ethereum blockchain and compatible networks for creating and exchanging tokens.

Features of Hunters Token (HNT):

  • Transferability: You can freely transfer HNT to other users on the Polygon network.

  • Token Burn: HNT can be "burned" or destroyed in your personal wallet, permanently reducing the total supply of tokens in circulation.

How are HNT Tokens Created?

HNT tokens are automatically generated when a new Skin is added to a Collection. A Skin is a digital item in your game collection from CS2 on the Steam platform.

Calculating HNT Tokens:

The number of HNT tokens is calculated using a special formula based on the initial value of the Collection, the properties of the Skin, and the applied Multipliers from the Collection and Player.

Security and Authenticity:

For the safety and authenticity of your transactions, always ensure you are interacting with the game's official smart contract, available here:

Official HNT smart contract: 0x14cC1ACB2Da894442E84057C58E7a3D3962Ac9fc on PolygonScan.

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