Structure of Skin Models in CS2:

CS2 skins vary not only in design but also in rarity, which affects their value and status. The rarity distribution is structured as follows:

  • Consumer Grade — the most common and widely available skins.

  • Industrial Grade — less common with a slightly higher rarity level.

  • Mil-Spec — medium rarity level with more distinctive designs.

  • Restricted — rarer skins with unique patterns.

  • Classified — very rare skins, notable for their uniqueness.

  • Covert — extremely rare skins, often sought after by collectors.

How to Unlock Models:

By default, weapon models are locked. To add new skins to a specific model, you will need to use a Game Key. Unlocking a model with a key can be done at any time and does not follow a specific order.

Conditions for Adding Skins to a Model:

To add a skin to an unlocked weapon model, players must meet one of the following conditions based on the collection's characteristics:

  • For collections with StatTrak skins: collect all skins of the previous rarity within that collection. For example, to add an Industrial Grade skin, you must first collect all Consumer Grade skins from that collection.

  • For collections with Souvenir skins: collect all the regular skins of the previous rarity before adding a higher rarity skin. Souvenir skins are optional and not required for advancing to the next level.

This requirement encourages players to thoroughly explore each collection before moving on to more rare and valuable models.

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